The scope for enhancing quality through innovations is possible in Plastics than in other Packaging materials. FMCG and corporate manufacturers promote highly effective and eye catching designs to adorn their products. Pradeep Polyflex has its focus on these lines to promote Innovative, Creative and highly Effective Packaging solutions.

We realize, in a very competitive environment, research and development for quality upgradation are essential. Pradeep Polyflex has in its manufacturing facility Ultra-Modern and State-Of –The Art Machinery and Equipment and expertise for this purpose. Due to this, we are in a position to offer World Class Packaging products to our customers.

Gravure Printing

A 9 colour imported Rotomec State Of The Art Printing machine and a 10 colour Expert make versatile printing machine forms main printing facility. These machines are most updated and capable of producing superior quality printed films.

Polymer Extrusion

A Five Layer Extrusion Machine is at work in our facility with capability of producing Nylon based film as well as EVOH based film from 25 Mic to 200 Mic. This machine is complimented by a 3 layer extruder for producing Low density Polythene, Linear Low Density Polythene as well as High Density Polythene Films and combination of these polymers.

Lamination Machine

Two imported Lamination Machines – Solvent-less as well as Solvent Based machines are operating at our facility to take care of lamination process. These sophisticated and high speed machines gives desired performance.


A battery of Slitters – mix of Imported and Indigenous machines are at work with us. These high speed machines meet high quality Standards to meet specified requirement of customers.


An array of Pouch Making Machines manufacture Center Sealed, Guzzette center sealed, three side sealed Pouches(including Pouches in dangler form) are installed to meet variety of customer requirements. Stand Up Pouch, Stand Up Pouch with Zipper or Spout, Three Side Sealed Pouch with Zipper as well as Easy Pour Pouches and for products involving specialties, high performance machines are used. Our world class Pouching Machines produce superior quality Pouches of international standards.

Spout Welding Machine

We have in our facility 5 Spout Welding Machines with a capacity to produce 50000 Nos of Spouted Pouches a day.

Quality Control

A well equipped laboratory with a dedicated team of experts form our Quality Control establishment. All input materials and outgoing materials are regularly inspected.